Friday, September 26, 2014

Five for Friday

Hello Friends!
Happy Fall to all of you! 
I have been on a blogging hiatus and figured Friday was a great day to jump back in with my favorite link-up party.
 Thanks to Doodle Bugs for the fun party and inspiring me to get back in to the groove. 
After a very long week, I can finally say that conferences are over! I only have 2 left with the Spanish translator and a few parents to fill in because they did not make it, but I made it through without any major drama! 
This year I teach language arts to 2 classes, so it meant writing reading and writing progress reports for 48 kids, in addition to all of the typical responsibilities. I was so thankful for my co-teacher who helped with some and for my husband's iPad so I could write the report while looking through their on-line portfolios. 
Last week, my son had a run in with a teammate at baseball practice. Unfortunately he ended up with a minor concussion because the older teammate shoved him to the ground and he hit hit his head on the ground. 
This is the bruise left on his face after the same teammate threw his glove at his face.
Luckily my son is ok. He nervously returned to practice last night but was welcomed back with excitement by his teammates, lifting his spirits. 
As for the bully who knocked him down, he is off the team. 
This week was full of life lessons about bullying, teamwork, treatment of teammates, and calls with the league director and the new coach (the bully's dad was the  coach prior to the incident - he is gone too). 
Hoping the final two weeks of the season are full of victories and great team time!
Most inventive homework excuse I have heard this year, so far,... 

When a student tells me that their dog has eaten their homework, I will be more inclined to believe them. I have learned a lot about dogs since we adopted ours in May. They eat everything.
This week, he seems to have an appetite for my things. On Sunday it was my nice purse that I adored! Boo! Yesterday it was my Wordly Wise workbook. At least he started from the back, so I could salvage the units we are currently working on. 
By the way, I plan to do some purse shopping this weekend. 
It has been a crazy busy school year so far with a LOT of testing and we are about to start district assessments next week. Not happy about that, but I am happy that we are able to de-stress with our Walking Classroom lessons. The kids love walking and now that we have some lovely fall temps, I am enjoying getting out of the classroom for a walk with them. 
Have a great Friday and I hope you are having a wonderful school year!