Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: First Day of School Edition

Our first day of school was yesterday. I figure that it provides the perfect subject for my link up for Wordless Wednesday with Miss DeCarbo.

I am not sure how things go in your house on the first day, but in my house it is hectic and full of emotional reactions from at least 1 if not all of my kids. Hence, I rarely get those first day of school pictures.
Forgot those adorable chalk boards or printed signs. I envy the families that get that accomplished! Instead, I call it a successful morning when I don't get a door slammed in my face.
No, I am not exaggerating, it has happened, and yes more than once.
Let's just say, my boys don't always embrace changes!
I was determined to capture a picture this year! I succeeded, and they capture some of the emotions I deal with during week 1 and especially on day 1.
Sadly, my husband did not get a picture of my youngest, who started at a new school for private kindergarten. {He is not ready for public kindergarten, so we went the private route and he can enroll in public next year.}
It was Sean's first new school (that he remembers) and it was an emotional morning. My husband needed to use bribery, thank goodness for the ice cream place right next door! So no picture of him, but that is ok, I don't have any of his brothers at that age either, they were in their door slamming stage.
So, enough of my words, here are the pics I managed to snag.
Glitter Frame by Glitter Meets Glue, Font: KG Fonts, Paper: JCSweetpea
Since I know what it is like to not capture first day of school pictures of my kids, I also took pictures of my students. I quickly made a backdrop and they all happily smiled for the camera. It helped that I took the picture toward the end of the day. I may save these for them and do an end of the year shot so they can see how much they change during 5th grade.
I love this girl's pose, she is so stinking sweet, and made me smile as she "worked the camera!"
So what is your first day -before school- morning usually like? {Hopefully I have a few friends who can empathize with me, if not I can at least be the source of crazy stories and laughter!}


  1. I do not have any children myself, but I dream of getting to take their first day pictures! I love how you even got some of how they truly feel about the first day of school lol. The student pictures are a great idea too.

    Get Your Science on in Room 701

  2. I don't have any children of my own either. I teach K and I try really hard to get first day pictures every year. Last year was a little crazy and they ended up getting like 4th day of school pictures, but I got them taken :)

    A Very Curious Class


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