Monday, July 15, 2013

Taking the plunge!

So, here I go, taking the plunge in to the blogging world. A colleague and I talked a while ago about blogging, joking, "Who would want to follow my blog and read what I have to say?" Well, I guess I am about to find out.
I have been reading a lot of blogs this summer, and I have learned a lot from other teachers. So I figured it was time to give back to the blogging world, who knows maybe someone will learn form me.
I am trying out new things this summer, and blogging looks like one of those things.
I am writing this post so I can get a post on my blog, plus I needed to take a step back from trying to figure out how to undo something I did. I added a picture and now I cannot figure out how to get the darn thing off. In the process of fixing it I undid other things I wanted to keep, oops!
So my lesson for today, learn to live with the silly mistake I made until I can find out how to fix it. Like I have been stressing to my kids, I won't throw a tantrum, smash the computer in to pieces, kick the screen, or call it potty words because I don't like the way it is acting or it won't listen to me. Instead, I will publish my first post, walk away for a while, and with fresh eyes I will figure it out.
As I make a plan for this blog and customize the page, I will be working on a game plan for my blog. What to write about and how often to post. Feel free to comment about ideas or advice!
Thanks for reading!

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