Monday, July 15, 2013

Why start a blog?

Wahoo! Fixed the dilemma of my earlier post and all without getting overly frustrated, that is what I call progress! Actually, I feel pretty good about the start because I added html code to the template, thanks to some tips on a blog I recently found, A Turn to Learn. Check her out. Following her Technology Tuesday tips, I attempted to add a Pinterest pin (not sure if it is working), but most  importantly I did not screw up the main template. With her tutorials, I will add more features to the blog.
A Turn to Learn

So part of starting the blog is to see what I am capable of doing. Time to learn some new tricks to keep up in this technological world. Of course, being busy has stood in my way. But I can squeeze in some posts here and then. Actually I will commit to at least 1 per week with something that I think can be useful to others. Today though, I will focus on getting my goals set and working towards them.
Another person I need to give a shout out to is my Uncle James. He has his own blog and recently shared his personal goal of trying to transform himself in to the person he wants to be. This wise man, shared some wise and inspirational words. Instead of thinking and wondering if blogging is for me, I decided to take the plunge and do it. Afterall, you never know what you can do if you don't try. I tell my kids (home and school kids) that all the time, need to practice what I preach. So here I am transforming one small step as a time. My goal is to gain some blog followers, stretch myself a little, and make some positive changes, hmmm perhaps the inspiration for some posts lie in that positive part! So thank you Uncle James, for giving me that little push to get started on my transformation. And to steal your quote, “Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” Don't worry I am working on that personal health goal as well, I am just not ready to declare it since I need to put some thought in to, check back though it will be soon. Here is a link to his blog, if you want to know more about his transformation, Transforming Me Again
Alright, so here I go on this new adventure. My goal for this week's transformation is to find some followers, create a plan for a weekly blog post, and create at least 1 more item for my Teachers pay Teachers store. Hey, did you see the widget in the right column, I added that all by myself! Not bad for day 1.
What goals are you striving for and how are you planning to create who you want to be?

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