Thursday, September 26, 2013

Donors Choose Project

I have really been interested in using more technology in my classroom. I really want to use educational apps and encourage student creativity with technology but do not have an iPad nor the funds to purchase one. After thinking and debating, I decided to give Donors Choose a try. I submitted a request last week and received notification last night that my project was approved and posted. Yahoo!
Now, the awkward and uncomfortable part, asking for donations. I feel weird asking for money, but I know people are always looking for a way to help and I figure if someone is looking for a special project or a worthy cause they might decide to donate. Every donation until October 2nd will be matched at 100% up to $100. $1 = $2, $5 = $10, $10 = $20 and so on. So even a $1 donation will go a long way!
I will definitely be contributing and will be searching for some projects to contribute to. If you are interested in donating check out my project here.
Do you have a project you are trying to get funded?

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