Monday, December 9, 2013

Monday Made It, December 9th

I am excited to be joining all the great bloggers for Monday Made It with 4th Grade Frolics
I love that there is a twist for random acts of kindness added as well.One of my made its goes along with kindness, adding cheer to our school, and being festive. 
I swam in pool of tulle this weekend, all with the goal to unite my team. We will be having our first ugly Christmas sweater day on the last day of school before winter break (12/20). Everyone has been encouraged to dress festive in an effort to have fun as a school. It did not take much to convince me and I decided I was going to go out with a bang. 
While talking with a teammate, we decided a grade level theme would be best. We are dressing up as Whoville folks and I will be donning some Grinch attire, including a green wig and bright lime green sweater (I still need to sew) with Max the dog attaches. Well, as if having a theme wasn't enough I decided I wanted to dress up in a tutu. So this weekend I made tutus for all 7 of us. Check them out...
Grinch colors, with Grinch ribbon

Lots of tulle!

Cindy Lou Who's tutu - she is a Ohio fan, so I went with red and white. 

I was so excited that I finished all of them that I called a very important grade level meeting to share the goodies. Oh my, we were like a bunch of little girls. We want to wear them everyday, but don't want to spoil our surprise. Yes, I will post pics of us once we are fully decked out! 

I recently made a banner for my classroom and finally got around to hanging it. Some of my girls were so excited about the change in season and I know they will smile when they see it up. This week we will work on the writing portion of our banner. 
It says, "I'm dreaming of a...."
This is the part we will be making to make a display for the hallway...

Our school recently bought some student electronic voting systems to go with our mimio boards. We have 2 mimio votes for the school and are sharing them. For now, it is relatively new, so I am getting in as much time as possible with the system before it becomes a hot commodity and cannot ever borrow it. We are hoping to find the funds for more systems. Oh, it would be awesome to have one of these in my room all of the time! The data collection would do wonders for formative assessments. 
I worked on a review of fractions and foundation skills. The kids had so much fun practicing with the voters. They proved their answers on their white boards while they waited for their peers to answer the questions. 
They loved the chocolate chip cookie fractions by Zip-a- Dee-Doo Dah designs.
I really think the message that Tara added to the Monday Made it post about random acts of kindness is important. We need to make tiny efforts to be extra kind to each those we share the world with. 
I plan to make leave some random treats/notes for my co-workers as surprises in their mailboxes. I will get my students to join in the fun too, by making class gift bags for others in our school. I figure bags with some school supplies and fun pencils will add a little joy to the lives of the students in our school. 
What random acts are you planning? What have you made recently? 


  1. All of your tutus are so fun! I made one....once. It took me forever because I'm a perfectionist. It was worth the time spent though! Can't wait to see the pictures of you with your whole team!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

    1. I spent a lot of time on these, so I know what you mean. I was really "perfectionistic" with the patterns. They are fun to make and I am excited about wearing it. Three of us were tomboys as a kids and I love that we are going to be so girlie!

  2. I love that your whole team is going to wear a tutu. My principal is against them so the fact that you are ALL wearing them makes me smile. Happy Monday!
    {I found you on Made it Monday and I'm your newest follower!}
    ~ Kristin

    1. Welcome to my zany world, thanks for following along!
      I have to ask, why is she against tutus? I think my admin is going to love our team approach. I will be thinking of you that day and will share pictures and reactions.

  3. That is so much fun! Please share more pictures :)

    We have some Mimio votes, too, but I haven't tried to come up with something so I can use them yet...

    1. Oh you will love them. My kids love them (only downside it waiting for everyone to vote - mine take it as a chance to catch up on social things - so I m assigning challenge problems for my early finishers and considering having them work on task cards in the down time.). They have phenomenal data, actually using it to sort our groups for Friday's math lesson when my co-teacher is being observed. She has been watching me all week and is going to run a small group during her observation. The others will rotate between a collab activity and a small group with me. I am going to make a lang arts activity soon, I will email it to you. My teammate found a lesson with mimio vote on mimio connect. You can create mimio vote slides in powerpoint if you have "Add-ins" available.


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