Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Santa Mission

So I scheduled a photo shoot with Santa to capture the excitement and innocence of my kids before they are too grown to believe. If you read the other day's post, my oldest is starting to doubt instead of believe.
It was a surprise, no warning, just we are going out and we need to shower and wear pants {yes, I have to have this conversations at my house}.
When we arrived at the location for the shoot I was in awe of the houses in the neighborhood. With my teacher salary I could not even afford the maid's quarters. Seriously, they were mansions and many of them. How do people acquire so much money? Well, not being educators, that is for sure!
My youngest was super excited about spotting Santa, the usually non-stop talker found his mute button and was filled with smiles. Although he did manage to whisper comments to me. Best of the evening was,
"Mom, where did Santa go?"
"He probably went potty."
"Mom, Santa doesn't go potty, he doesn't have a p.....".  {WHAT?????}
My middle son was a little clammed up as well, he can be shy around new people. He was soaking it in though and checking things out. He 100% thinks he met the real guy. And is telling the whole school. 
The doubter, well, he was serious and I could see the wheels turning. But he took part and is keeping his doubts quiet. 
So here is the card I made with pictures from our session. (I think you click it to see the completed card.) Wish we had gotten a better family shot, but I love the other pictures, and especially love the magic the boys felt that night meeting, the real Santa....
Trifold Card
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  1. That tri-fold card is so neat. I haven't been on Shutterfly in forever! I definitely need to check that out. You had me completely giggling, reading about the boys talking about Santa! Too funny!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  2. The pants conversation is hilarious! I always get my cards through Shutterfly, but I've never tried the tri-folds. Yours turned out great!


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