Friday, April 18, 2014

Five for Friday: Post Spring Break

Phew! Made it through a full week post-break. Out break was so exciting that I was exhausted when we returned, so making it through the week trying to motivate, inspire, and prepare for testing was quite a task!
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Here are some of my favorite pictures from our trip....

If you read my post before break, I shared that his was a surprise trip to Disney. The boys lost patience with us about 15 minutes away from the park about our destination. They thought we were headed to Ohio. When my 4 year old pointed out Mickey on a billboard and said Disney, we confirmed that we were going there.
You would think the van would be full of screams of excitement. Nope, tears from the oldest two. We are probably the first parents to ever surprise the kids with a trip and have them cry. My 6 year old informed me that not telling the truth is lying. "Mom, you lied to us. I am mad at you for lying. Everyone told us Ohio was going to be fun, we want to go to Ohio."
I made it worse when I let them know that everyone telling them Ohio was fun was really talking about Disney, they were in on the secret. Ah, another lying lecture.
We laughed, yep, bad and mean parents.
My 4 year old was beyond excited and did not care about the "lies." He smiled and squealed in delight enough to make up for the tears from the older ones.
My kids are funny. They are super sensitive and do not always take changes easily. There are tears, door slamming, and sometimes anger appears when most would think they'd be happy. We are used to this and do not avoid changes or pushing them out of their comfort zone. And obviously push them to learn from experiences.
We explained our reasons for it being a surprise and my 9 year old let me know that if I had told him he would have been better prepared. Nope, he really would have driven me nuts with a billion questions.
The surprise meant they would have to go and enjoy without overanalyzing, overthinking, or worrying! It meant they would live in the moment and in the long run, it worked! Because my 6 and 9 year old did not hear about other people's experiences or warnings, they tried out rides that were scary and fun.
We all lived in the moment and tried new things! It was spectacular!
I have been teaching my favorite science unit, electricity! I love this science unit because it is all hands-on learning. This year, the kids have not persevered as much or been as enthusiastic, but I have pushed and they are learning a lot and definitely more than if they read about circuits from the book.

One day, they even worked through recess on electromagnets.

I loved watching the connections they made and their light bulbs light up!
We are knee-deep in test preparation. Ah, I am a nervous wreck. We have 7 school days until our first state test. Prepping, reviewing, and trying to motivate! Throwing in some games for review when we aren't building our stamina to sit and work independently for extended periods of time!

Fingers crossed!

Thank goodness for task cards and Scoot to get the kids moving, review lots of skills, and break up the monotony.

In math, we actually gave a quiz using task cards and Scoot, they worked really hard as they Scooted around the room. Who says you have to sit in one place to take a quiz?

Do you notice anything about this quiz? Yes, they answered every question incorrectly! Unfortunately the other quizzes did not look much better.
Why would they miss every question? Well, could it be because that is a ridiculous quiz? Yes, the answer is YES!
My classroom has had a student teacher this semester and it has been quite an educational experience for all parties involved!
This quiz resulted in a lesson of how to make a good assessment, as well as using the results to assess whether the manner in which instruction was presented was successful.
I have had to be very honest and it has been very difficult for me, tons of extra stress watching someone struggle to lead my class. This semester, I have been well outside my comfort zone in an effort to help guide the student teacher towards assessing their skills and future in education as well as  making sure that all of the instruction my kids needed was met while giving her a chance to try to teach.
I have learned again, not everyone is cut out for teaching.
Thank you for being the wonderful educators that you are, and always striving to grow and improve!

  Hope you have a fantastic Friday! Many wishes for a relaxing weekend!


  1. Oh, I find it hilarious that you got lectured about lying and how they still wanted to go to Ohio! My in-laws are surprising my girls with a trip to DW, but we're not telling them until about two weeks before. I love the way you did it, though!

    1. I am so excited for your girls and you. I hope the Frozen exhibit is open when you go, your girls will love it!
      Next trip (many years down the road) I told the boys that they will have to let me dress up like a princess and eat int he castle!

  2. What an awesome surprise for your boys! So funny that they actually got mad at you- LOL! Looks like you had a blast!

    The Land of I Can

    1. It was awesome. I felt like such a kid exploring the parks with them. I had many moments I was in tears because I was so happy!

  3. That's absolutely hilarious that they lectured you about lying to them! That is a great story to bribe them with when they're older!
    Southern Fried Teachin’

    1. Yes, lectured about lying! A friend tried to put it in perspective and tell them I really just tricked them, nope that wasn't going to cut it either. We will all laugh about it one day, and if they ever have their own kids it will be a perfect story for me to remind them of when they are complaining about their quirks!

  4. I'm still loving that the kids were mad about you lying. So funny! All of the pictures are FABULOUS and FUN! I'm so glad you guys got to have a wonderful family trip together. Something they will always remember!
    I haven't had an intern in a few years because there is just too much pressure being in a testing grade. It's hard to let go when the tests are tied to evaluations. AHHHHH!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

    1. You said it perfectly. Hard to let go when the tests are high-stress and tied to the kids and you! Admin understands why I won't be signing up for another intern. I ended up have double the amount of work at times, when I should have felt some relief. Not been the best experience for me!
      I loved their reaction and will always treasure their quirky way of responding.


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