Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Let the testing begin!

I am ready to walk around for two hours and watch the paint dry! My least favorite time of the year is here, testing!
It is time to do this. Time to let them shine.
Why though, does it have to be so boring?
I would much rather take a test than watch the kids take one. 140 minutes of proctoring is bound to wear a teacher out.
As much as I am dreading this, I must say, I am ready. They are ready to move on. Bring on that testing tub and those exciting directions!
My son takes his first state standardized test today too. All along he has been so nervous. At the start of the year he commented, "I won't pass, so at least I made it to 3rd grade." How sad is that statement?
He will be fine, if he doesn't psyche himself out. He has aced all the practice tests, and even if he doesn't believe it, he is smart.
It breaks my heart to hear these self-defeating statements, and to know that with all of these tests we are creating highly anxious kids!
To ease the stress, I will keep things positive and low key. Lots of praise is also on the agenda.
So here is to the start of testing, may the bubbles be clean, may the erasures be limited, and may everything go as planned!


  1. I HATE proctoring! It breaks my heart to hear those self-defeating "failure" statements too...all because of a test.
    Southern Fried Teachin’

    1. Ugh to proctoring! Luckily, all of the kids (including my son) sounded upbeat and positive about day 1! Phew, 1 down, 4 to go!


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