Saturday, October 12, 2013

Five for Friday: Made it to the end of the quarter!

It is that time of the week again! Five for Friday with Doodle Bugs Teaching.
Well, truthfully, I am a little late, but it was a busy week and a hectic Friday, so I did not quite stay up long enough to finish up the post in time!
I made it through the week and was rewarded with a huge hug from my 4 year old who also excitedly yelled out, "Momma, your phone is here! Hooray!" Hooray is right, almost 2 weeks without a phone - no texts, no calls on the road, and I was ready. I had even missed a text from the principal telling us we could wear jeans the other day, missing out on a jeans day is not fun, nor is showing up to daycare to pick up your son not knowing if his Dad has gotten there first.
Thankful to be connected again!

I made it through the first quarter and only have to finalize report cards. Wow, only 3 quarters to go. We have lots to do this upcoming week because we have the ITBS the following week, so it will be another week of rush, rush, rush, especially since it will be a 4 day week for the kids. I have a teacher workday on Monday.
I was so honored to have a co-worker utilize my candy corn sentences in our grade level televised writing lesson this week. She used them to teach about the elements of informational writing. The topic of the sweet treat was a hit with the kids and they were flowing with ideas.
Next week my co-teacher and I will be teaing the televised writing lesson. Our topic is how to enrich writing using statistics. We plan to start with the candy corn informational plan my coworker used and add statistics to it. We have some fun statistics to add to the lesson.
If you are interested in the sentences, it is a freebie.

I would love feedback and to know what you think.
This week in math we wrapped up multiplication with decimals and reviewed how to use models and how to interpret them on an assessment. As much as I hate it, I do have to make sure I teach things to my students so they will be successful on a test. The visuals do not always come easy to my learners so I created some fun matching cards to help them practice and review. 
They really liked my order of operations puzzle cards so I created puzzle matching cards for decimal multiplication. Some match to an equation, some have just an expression (like above), some have it in written form, some show the final product and they would write out the factors that match the cards, and I even created some with a match with decimals to the second power. 
I am always seeking more examples of the models and I am happy to now have tons of task cards (7 sets of 8 task cards) for them to practice all year long. 
The Decimal Multiplication Models Matching Activity Set is on sale all weekend for $1.00. 
I have a co-worker who is getting married next weekend and I am excited about her shower on Monday. We are taking advantage of our teacher workday, and taking her out to lunch. Afterwards we are indulging in cake. I wanted to make her something in addition to buying something so I whipped up this cute apron using a tutorial on my favorite sewing blog, The Mother Huddle. Mine is not nearly as cute as the original, but I am pleased with how it came out (forgive the picture).

 Hope you had a fabulous Friday and are enjoying your weekend. Thanks for stopping by!

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