Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sharing in the Wealth

I am linking up with the great Mr. Hughes at An Educator's Life Blog for the Share the Wealth Saturday Linky Party.
I know, you are thinking, it is Sunday, well, yes it is. However, the party is all weekend long so I am taking advantage of the opportunity to join the fun.
Check out all the links, there are some great gems and they are free!

First I would like to highlight my newest freebie, hot off the presses. I know it is a little early for turkeys, but I am planning ahead.

We are starting fractions after we wrap up ITBS next week so I am ready for my fraction passes. The turkeys are precious and the homework passes require a little math thinking, they have to figure out what half off and 1/4 off is to use the pass. So it is a math assignment hidden in a homework pass.



There is also a task card that I plan to use as a punch card. Students will earn a treat at the end of the month if I don't have to punch their card. I think I am going to focus on punching the cards when homework or assignments are not complete. The plague of "I forgot," is creeping in to my room, I need an incentive to "Nip the bud!"

Another freebie I have been using is my exemplar form.

One of the annual goals for my students this year is to show growth on their ability to problem solve, as is evaluated by an exemplar. This group is struggling greatly. Weekly we work on an exemplar and it usually takes the entire class period. It is frustrating for them, but I am not giving up. They are still trying to quickly tackle the problem, yet they are missing some of the "tircks" in the written problems. They are also struggling with explaining how they solved the problems and finding the patterns. I am not giving up and I know with continued practice they will make progress.
Each week I collect their sheets as a monitoring tool, I can see where they are struggling and what we need to work on. I will keep them in their exemplar portfolios and at mid-point we can confer about their growth.

It is almost National Candy Corn Day and if you are looking for a break in the mundane word work, check out my candy corn sentence packet. We used them to create a graphic organizer for an informational paper as a grade level, and then followed up with creative statistics to look like experts in our writing. The kids loved the sweet topic.

If you download one of my freebies please leave me some love on Teachers Pay Teachers. Also if you use it with your class please comment and let me know how you implemented it!

I am also going to offer a little giveaway to a reader who leaves a comment on my blog. I worked on 2 new paid products and I would love to give 1 of them away, reader's choice. Check out the products and leave me a comment telling me what you think, and if you would like one. I will pick a winner and email you a copy of the packet.
Here are the 2 products I recently added.
Decimal Multiplication Models Puzzle Matching Activity

The second product is a Synonym and Antonym Matching Card Game which plays a lot like Go fish, however they are picking apples and they play until all matches are made. It contains 30 pairs of synonyms and 30 pairs of antonyms in color and a black and white version.


Hope you are having a wonderful weekend. It is the last day of flag football for my boys, so I am headed out to the fields for the day. Looking forward to the last game and the smiles that will cover their faces when they receive their trophies!


  1. Thanks for all the freebies. I'm looking forward to checking them out later today. Hope your boys have a great time today.

    1. Bethany, Thank you for always reading and commenting! You are awesome! Hope your grad studies are going well!


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