Tuesday, October 1, 2013

October 1, Seriously?

I cannot believe it is October. October means that we are about to venture on the county wide required interim tests (worried!) and report cards will be finalized next week. This year is flying and I feel like we really just started, so how is it that almost 8 weeks are behind me?
My kids are super excited that it is October. As my middle son said, "Wow, October 1st means Halloween is almost here."
Max from "Where the Wilds Things Are" October 2012
Even my 5th graders were super excited to tell me about Halloween and dressing up. Several wanted to know if we would dress up. Nope, we can't.
I remember the excitement of dressing up as a kid, so I know what they are feeling. I am just glad they still feel young enough to dress up and aren't interested in pranks. I had one tell me he would be toilet papering a house that day, advised him against it and really hope he was just trying to be "cool."
I also have a student who is unable to participate in holiday activities which means I need to be very cautious about what plan. I want to celebrate the fall season, but feel it is important to be respectful so instead we will do a candy corn math activity, and maybe dress up as a historical figure on another day.
Breast Cancer Awareness Banners and Buttons
As we forge in to October, I also always stop to reflect on how lucky I am.
Lucky that I am healthy and lucky that I know many Breast Cancer survivors. I have some friends, coworkers, and a half-sister who beat the odds. I had a scare a few years back, and was so relieved it was nothing, but a scare. I am thankful for those around me to have been able to overcome the illness and be able to shout proudly that, they are survivors.
Of course, because I know this ugly disease is still interfering with many women's dreams and plans, I know there is more that needs to be done. So when I learned about an opportunity to contribute to a Breast Cancer fundraiser project I jumped on board.
If you are a teacher and are looking for some great math or language arts packets or clipart then check out the Breast Cancer Research Fundraiser page. The bundles are at an incredible discount and all sales will go to a non-profit research foundation. I am eyeing the 3-5 ELA packet.
3-5 ELA Bundle to benefit Breast Cancer Research    

Despite it feeling like we are in a non-stop race through the calendar, I am thankful to have many things to be appreciative about. We have had some lovely weather lately, some chilly mornings and slightly cooler afternoons. The kids are buzzing about the upcoming holidays, and we are enjoying the fall foods. Taking time to pause is utterly important and I am glad that I have many wonderful people traveling along on this journey with me. 
What are you most enjoying this season and what are you most looking forward to? 

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