Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Double Two for Tuesday deals

I am nearing the end of this break and the panic feeling about getting things done is starting to creep in. 
I have to calm myself down so I can enjoy the weeks I have left. 
I am starting to think about the need to plan and map out the year. I want to, but then again if I start then it means that summer is about over. 
Besides, it is summer, aren't teachers supposed to be off?! Ha ha! 
I also want to do more craft projects and do some sewing. 
Oh and there is the pleasantness of needing to go to the doctor. I really need to get "that" appointment scheduled! 
Ah, breathe!
Ok, so take it one day at a time. Today, I need to do a Target run, hubs needs something and I keep seeing people posting about school stuff in the dollar spot. I also need to do some school supply shopping for my sons, supplies can be pricey - if I can score some deals I won't feel so bad about shelling out some bucks for my own classroom. 
Summer cannot be all about planning to go back to school though, so I need to do something fun with the kids. 
Yesterday I surprised them with a trip to Menchie's (frozen yogurt) after our park excursion. Instead of eating lunch, we ate fro-yo, cool summer Mom points. 
Time to get up and enjoy the day with my sons, while I still can say, I am on Summer Break! Carpe Diem! 
What are your plans today?  

And now for another installment of Two for Tuesday! Except for the final installment, I am offering two times as many deals! 

If you are starting to plan or looking ahead, perhaps you might find one of these items of interest. 
Animal and Plant Cells packet
Cursive Handwriting practice packet which c coordinates with Wordly Wise 3000, but you do not have to use the program to use the practice sheets. 
Addition & Subtraction practice game for 1st-2nd graders
Decimals place value task cards

Thanks for stopping by and for all of the people who have supported me during the two for Tuesday deals! 

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  1. I heart Menchie's. I may or may not be known to go there several times a week in the summer. Just saying. I hope you and the boys are having a great day today. XOXO
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'


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