Friday, July 11, 2014

Five for Friday

It is time to link up with the awesome Doodle Bugs Teaching for the weekly edition of 5 random things from my mind!
I started back to school shopping (gulp). 
My oldest loves when I buy things, my middle told me I am weirdly obsessed with back to school supplies, and my youngest asked me to cancel school, he is not going! How is that for covering the range on perspectives?
I am not obsessed, seems that the middle has learned a new vocabulary word and is trying it out. When it came down to shopping at the Dollar Spot in Target, he excitedly added teacher things to my cart. Then sat and helped me add the letters and string to my newly created homework banner. He is such a sweet helper!
I am not obsessed, I might be a little addicted to new supplies, but aren't all teachers?

We spent more time at the park this week. Great for me to walk and the kids to burn their boy energy. I wish I could bottle and reserve some of their energy. 
We also had our first major accident. The youngest was a little zealous riding down the awesome hill. To quote him exactly, "I forgot to push on the brake!" 
He asked for a picture so he could see what he did. 
He was covered in blood, so much I couldn't tell where it was coming from. He has a lovely chin and nose scrape and a huge bruise the pattern of the asphalt on his forehead. 
He is a tough one, and kept saying sweet things while I wiped the blood and dirt off. "Momma, did I break my face in half?"
Ah, the life with boys... 
One of our favorite places to eat with the boys is Cracker Barrel. They have something for everyone. Eggs for the youngest, chicken for the middle, and a burger for my oldest. Plus, the boys love window shopping through their toys and treats. One of the finds on this excursion led to these pictures...

 Apparently the lenses gave you a bug's eye view. Ry said he could see hundreds of little screens, and couldn't see where he was going. 
Are you participating in the bloghoppin' scavenger hunt? The boys and I are having fun finding things on the list, snapping pictures, and adding them to my new Instagram account. Find me, lahinga, to follow along. The teachers in Vegas are really scoring points and it is fun seeing all the teachers in action!
 Yes, I broke out the August calendar, the kids go back to school on August 5th! I go back on July 29th. YIKES! 

I have been working on some projects in between entertaining the boys this week. I am still trying to finish up a science unit for my store and have made some fun freebies. 
Last night I decided to see if I could use my Silhouette to cut out the banner I made for my homework board. I was successful! I will share the file on Monday, I need to tweak it a little. 
A perfect cut!
I got a little zealous and tried to see if I could cut after I laminated it. It cut through, but then it slipped so I had to end that mission. I am probably spending more time trying to use the Silhouette to cut for me than if I did it myself, but it is one of those things, I need to try it (a few times) before I call it quits. 
In the meantime, don't forget to swing by The Teaching Tribune today for the last installment of Free Font Friday. 
If you are interested in winning a set of great prizes, hop over to Funky in Fourth for her fun giveaway. 
Hope you are having a fun Friday! 
Enjoy your summer day!


  1. School supplies already?? yikes! I saw a back to school sign in a sale paper the other day and cringed! ha ha. I need to check out the blog hop!! I hope it's not too late to start!!! I also like your homework banner!!!
    Mixing it up in Middle

    1. Thanks Lori. Check back Monday for Monday Made It, I plan to offer the banner for a freebie and am trying to figure out how to cut it out with the Silhouette, if I am successful, I will share that file too! Preparing to go back in July is too early for me, but the state system has a different opinion!

  2. School supplies!!!??? NOOOOOO!!!! I'm so not ready for that... But I don't have students until after Labor Day so.... :-) Hope you son is doing OK- that is quite the face!

    The Land of I Can

    1. Even though I have not lived in New York since 1992, I still feel like Labor Day signifies the return to school, not the end of July! My son is a trooper, scary at the time, but nothing permanent. Thanks!

  3. I want to go to Cracker Barrel just to wear some of those awesome glasses!!! I'm weirdly obsessed with getting new supplies too, but I haven't bought any...yet!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

    1. We would have a blast together at Cracker Barrel!

  4. I already started stocking up on school supplies, too! The Target dollar section was awesome this year, and I love that so many stores have school supplies early...that way they all go on sale in September when I'm coming up with new ideas I want to try in the classroom!


    1. We got back on the 29th, so I am feeling the need to stock up and prepare! I agree, Target has certainly figured out who its loyal customers are! Hope you have fun preparing!


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