Monday, July 28, 2014

Last Monday Made It of my Summer Break

It is a sad day here. As my boys keep reminding me, it is my last day of summer. Yes, I am sad. The summer flew by and it is odd saying that my summer is over since it is still July. 
What is on my agenda for today? Slowing the day down as much as possible. 
I already have the butterfly feeling in my stomach about all that I have to do to be ready for Open House on Thursday morning. 
I will be fine. All will be well. (Yes, I am repeating this to myself so that I can relax about the fact that my room is not ready and I am NOT spending my last day of the summer at work.)
I have had fun over the last week with all sorts of made its and crafts. The boys joined me on getting crafty too, they have been making rainbow loom bracelets and painting signs. 
I am excited to link up with Tara at 4th Grade Frolics for this week's Monday Made Its

I have a very special niece and wanted to make something for her to express how much we love her. Here is the final project which pretty much sums up Jessica.
My sister loved this sign, and I was pleased with how it turned out, my first vinyl canvas project, made with my Cameo. Not sure if you can tell, but it has a layer of spray glitter over the letters, making it sparkle like Jessica!  
I also made some canvases for my classroom. 
This one was made with one of my favorite lines from Wonder, and I think it sums up my attitude about behavior choices. I say it constantly to my sons and said it a lot to my students last year. 
Yes, it shines with that glitter spray paint. 
Can you guess what our school mascot is? Yes, it has glitter spray paint over the top too! Maybe a little over the top, that is ok!
I made a little gift for my teammates to let them know that this year will be great! 
I cut the tags out with my Cameo, it says, "It is worth noting that this will be a great year!" 
I tied some blank notecards and envelopes together with the tag. I will add a pretty pen to the stack as a welcome back gift. 
I bought the notecards at Michael's, there were 80 in the set and had such bright patterns. Half the set was solid and the other half cute patterns. 
I also spent some time creating things for my classroom. Now, I need to spent time printing and laminating. I am waiting on my name tags though, I have not gone in to to pick up my class list yet and want to type in the names before laminating.
These are the ones I made in melon and lime, I am going to change mine to be teal and aqua. I just love this color combination from Collaboration Cuties and couldn't resist making them. 
I also added some freebies to my store, check them out - click on the pictures. 

You definitely need to check out the links, there are some awesome projects on there.
Seriously, Jivey posted some things from her classroom and has a great organization freebie.  If you want a teacher toolkit storage bin you can also check out The Teacher's Desk 6 for more images and using spray paint. Oh and some adorable brag tags by Ginger Snaps. You will adore the birthday tags shared by Funky in Fourth. Looking for another birthday idea, check out Projects and Polkadots In First
Teachers really are amazing crafters and uber talented! 
In case you were not aware, Diane at Fifth in The Middle is hosting an awesome giveaway celebrating 2,000 followers. 
It is a great blog and a great giveaway, check it out! 
Well friends, it is time for me to get moving! I have a few little ones who need some attention and some errands that need some completing. 
Hope you have a fantastic Monday and enjoy all the moments left in your summer break!


  1. You KNOW I love those canvases and spray glitter. LOVE the Wonder quote for sure. I need to make one of those for my room!!! Sad today is your last day of summer. It went by entirely too fast for you and the boys! XO
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  2. I feel your pain, this is my last summer Monday also. I love the canvases.
    Barrow's Hodgepodge

  3. Hey Laura, Not sure if you got my e-mail but you won the game for being the closest to guessing my daughters birth date. Let me know which item you would like from my TPT store. :) Sorry your summer is almost over!

  4. Your last Monday of summer? I haven't even had my summer break yet! I only get 2 weeks off this year. Boo. But...I get to go to Bali. Love the things you made for your classroom!
    Southern Fried Teachin’


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