Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Two for Tuesday & Currently July

Time is flying, July is already here! As I walked around some stores with my oldest yesterday I could tell that they are gearing up for Back to School, I am not ready! I am still not keen on returning to school in July, but since the big bosses never asked, I will have to accept reality. Time to make the most of my July days!
It is time for Currently with Farley at Oh Boy 4th Grade!
I like waking up early for one reason, it is the only time of the day that everyone is sleeping and the house is silent. That silence does not last long, but those moments help me start off on the right foot. 
This summer, I have made a point of enjoying the little moments and brushing off the not so great ones. I appreciate that I have a job that let's me stay home with my growing kids for the summers. They keep saying how lucky they are that their mom is home, I think I am the lucky (although tired) one!
I have had some WEIRD, call the dream analyzer, dreams this summer. Why do school dreams have to infiltrate my REM? Ugh!
I am currently reading a book which includes alchemy, and one of the characters knows how to freeze time. If anyone knows the chemistry behind bringing a book character to life, let me know, I want him to slow the summer down!
I really wanted to work out every day this summer, and I do get up and out more than during the year, but I am not succeeding on my workouts. I do a great job on the workout, then my legs hurt so much I can barely walk for a day or two. That is not fun! I suppose I could try an easier workout, but that seems top defeat the purpose. 
What are your plans for the 4th? 
I am also linking up today for another installment of Two for Tuesday! Thank you to The Teaching Tribune for this great linky party. Check out the two-fer deals below and on their blog. 
Place Value Practice Tasks Cards using Whole Numbers. There are 7 sets of cards focusing on the 12 skills under Numbers and Operations in Base Ten. They are a bargain for $1.50 today.
How about a banner to help break the ice and decorate at the beginning of the year? 
My students loved making these at the beginning of the year, and reflected on what they wrote when I returned them at the end of the year. This banner was great for open house with parents, and made a colorful personalized display piece. 

Happy Tuesday to you! Enjoy all of your summer moments!


  1. I want to freeze time too! I hope July goes by as slowly as possible!

  2. Good luck on your workouts! Sometimes you have to mix up what you are doing until you find what works for you. I'm sure you already know to stretch before and after, especially if you are running. I can run, but don't love it because I get shin splints ALL the time. I tend to do everything EXCEPT the treadmill. It's not easy to get up and go each day, but I'm forcing myself because I really fell off the wagon last summer! Keep it going, you can do it!

    Here's hoping that July moves as slow as humanly possible!

    Mrs O Knows

  3. I love spending time with my kids too! I also love the quiet before the kids get up! It sounds like you will have a fun 4th of July. Enjoy the rest of your summer!
    Fun in ECSE

  4. Nice goal banners! :) I haven't started thinking about back to school activities, but that sounds and looks like an nice one!

    - Mariela
    Learning With Mrs S.


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