Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A Little Pick Me Up via August SLANT

I get giddy when it is time to check the mail. I love receiving mail and adore packages. If you didn't know it based on my reaction, then watching my kids rush to the mailbox to retrieve the mail and hearing them shout, "There is a package!" might clue one in to the value of mail at our house.
At the beginning of August, I signed up to participate in the SLANT program hosted by Jameson at Lessons with Coffee. The concept was intriguing. Jameson partnered interested parties with 2 virtual friends. During the month you exchanged emails to get to know each other. Then at the end of the month you send a package of things to your new friend and then your other friend would receive a package from you. The idea was to fill a small package with some things to brighten their day, things along a theme of favorites.
Jameson did a fantastic job of coordinating this project. I am so thankful I participated because I made 2 new friends, Bethany at Hunter's Tales from Teaching and Mechelle at Barrow's Hodgepodge. Both teachers are amazing and I really had fun chatting and exploring their blogs.
Mechelle wowed me with a precious package. It arrived on the perfect day. I had a very long day at school, started at 7 am and I was the last teacher out of the building at 8 pm. We had a parent teacher presentation that evening, and let's just say I learned a lot that evening. Unfortunately it was not my best evening and I walked away confused. I had some things said to me that were ugly and hurtful, and even though know I need to look at the source, it still stings. Based on that evening I know this is going to be a long year! It was not all bad though, and I do know that I have many teacher friends supporting me. Best of all I have an understanding administration ready to help and they are 100% on my side.
So, that small box waiting for me on the counter, was the perfect medicine. My sons had been dying to open the box and were beyond excited when I finally got home, and they could see the treasures inside.
Mechelle delighted me and the boys thoroughly enjoyed the little treats inside the box. I loved getting the mail, but most of all love that I have made some friends and have some great teachers to learn with!
Here are some pictures of the package and the treats inside. The pictures aren't perfect because of the excitement surrounding me, I had to really hold the boys back to snap a few shots!
Drumroll please! 

My youngest loved this card so much he claimed it as his own!

Each gift was wrapped and had precious labels. 
She made this adorable mug to help with my coffee addiction, that heart is where I live, so impressed!
All of the items from my package, look at the love! A cute pin cushion for my hobby, sewing. A mug for my love of coffee, creamy vanilla body wash (so uplifting at the crack of dawn!), sweet Twizzlers (the boys devoured those with me), and a huge package of colored pens to feed my obsession in the classroom. 

I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Mechele and Bethany and look forward to making more friends!

Check out Jameson's blog to see more reveals and sign up for September's SLANT exchange.

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  1. That mug is AWESOME! Looks like she really got you!

    Glad you had fun, and your box came on the right day!

    Lessons With Coffee 


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