Friday, August 2, 2013

Trying another new thing!

In keeping with my goals to stretch myself and explore new things I have fallen upon something cool in the blogging world.
The blogger from Lessons With Coffee has set up this neat package and email exchange for teachers. To briefly sum it up you are paired with someone for the month and you get to know each other through your blogs, facebook, emails and then towards the end of the month you send a small package with some surprises to cheer them up.
Lessons With Coffee
Even though I am busy beyond belief right now with school starting next week, it looks like too much fun to turn down. I loved being a pen pal as a kid so I figure this will be even more exciting, after all I never had pen pals who sent me gifts!
I will be honest I hesitated for a second, but then reminded myself that I am striving to get to know more people in the blogging world, share ideas with others, and who doesn't love an encouraging email and surprise package?
In 3 days I will meet my students and their families and I am nervous about it, but now I have something exciting to look forward to that day. That same day I will find out who my SLANT friend is for August.
Check out Lessons with Coffee and join me in Sending Love Across the Nation to Teachers!
Hurry, you need to sign up by the 3rd of the month!

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