Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Classroom Decor: Monday Made It & Tuesday Tried It

Tonight's post is a Monday and Tuesday combo post partly  inspired by a Monday Made It I saw last night. I know I am late on the Monday part, but being back to school is keeping me incredibly busy!
Tomorrow is the first day of school and I wonder, "Is anyone really ready?" My kids aren't ready to go to bed, yet which means I will be waking them up and they will be a tad bit grouchy. With a mid-week start the students might be a little tired themselves. At least we will be halfway towards Friday and be able to recuperate and catch up on some sleep!
There is definitely a large cup of coffee on my morning agenda!
Before I go bonkers, and lose my calm with my kids (have to keep up with my monthly goals!) I better get this post moving along...

I loathe finding papers without a name on them. It is inevitable, even when I say put your name on it, remind them a ton of times, and ask them to check before they hand it in. I also always have a kid absent, tardy, or missing from one of the classes. So I created a little No Name/Absent clipboard with a piece of wood from a shipping crate, spray paint, and some clothespins. I am not OCD and often have a small window to get projects done, so it is not perfectly shaped nor perfectly painted, but I love it.
Hubby asked what it was, then was surprised I would need such a contraption. Yep, I do. 
I like it a lot, and it matches my cabinet curtains so well. I posted it on the door to the adjoining teacher, adjacent to where my work mailboxes and teacher desk. It looks neat and organized, but something was missing. So today I decided I would try to make the "bulletin boards dots" I saw on My Kind of Teaching's Monday Made It.
 Her dots were so cute and I thought they would be the perfect accent piece for my door below my no name/absent paper clips. I used 2 of the fabrics already in my room and then added another pattern with similar colors in it. When I got home, I quickly put them together. Here is the end product. 

I cannot wait to hang them up in the morning. I will have just enough time before the kiddos arrive. Fingers crossed it works out!
I plan to put my weekly newsletter up on one of them and then school/class announcements for the kids to be able to look at them. (That will help me in the "Communication" section of our new teacher evaluation system, our new system has 10 areas of evaluation and frequent communication is one of them. These board dots will be a place admin will see examples of some of my "communications"
Since my to do list is about 10 miles long I need to say goodnight! I also want to get on my email and email my SLANT buddies, I am so excited to have made 2 new cyber friends, by the way girls, thanks for following my blog!
Want some other ideas check out the other Monday Made It  on 4th grade Frolics and Tuesday Tried It with the Fourth Grade Flipper.


  1. I love the fabric you chose for those dots! What a great idea to post communications on there too! What did you use under the fabric? Thank you so much for linking up! I can't believe you had students today! Two more days and then the weekend;)
    Fourth Grade Flipper

  2. Laura;
    I love how organized you are and always have wondered at the great pool of wisdom my kids teachers have drawn from. They always seem to get so much done; if only we could use their techniques in the corporate world!

    Good luck and keep the coffee flowing.



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