Friday, August 16, 2013

What's On your Wishlist?

The huge Teachers Pay Teachers Back to School sale is on its way! Shop on August 18 - 19th and use Promo Code BTS13 and receive up to 28% off.
I am linking up with Teaching Tales Along the Yellow Brick Road for the Wish list Promotion. Thanks for the link up party and the great graphics! 
The most wish listed item from my store is My 5th Grade Science Glossary and Word Wall Cards. I love this product. The word wall cards were one of the first things I laminated. First science activity?  Students added to their interactive notebooks. It took a little time but once it was glued in we were off and running. My heart skipped a little beat when one of my sweeties asked if they could look up the word we were studying in their glossary. "Oh yes, dear, and mu ah I love you!" They have truly taken ownership of it! 
Word Wall Cards in use, so much cuter than the boring SS cards from our text book!

My best seller and 2nd most wished for item is my Get to Know You/Goal Setting Banner set. I will update it each year and at only $1.00 is a a total bargain! I love looking at it each morning when I round the corner to my classroom and I keep overhearing the kids talking about their goals. I am looking forward to sharing them with the parents at our upcoming curriculum night, next week. 

My store will be on sale August 18th - 19th for 20% off. If you use the promo code you can receive up to 28% total. Promo code BTS13.

I have had the Morphology Dictionary on my wish list for a while and with a big sale, I might just spoil myself with a purchase. There are lots of great items but I am  in need of some extra supplements with regards to word root work. Yikes, not my forte, although I diligently squeeze in as many prefix/suffix/root word teachable moments as I can . This item from Kristen at Ladybug’s Teacher Files is right up my alley. 

Morphology Dictionary: A Student Reference Book of Prefixe
Another item on my wish list is the Historical Fiction Writing Unit by Bethany at Hunter's Teaching Tales. 
Historical Fiction Writing Unit
Check out Bethany's blog post on how she introduces the unit here on her blog, Hunter's Teaching Tales.

Happy Back to School shopping and may you all have a great start to your school year!   

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