Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sunday night, already?

It seems like the weekend flies away so quickly. Of course, it was another busy weekend as I tried to catch up on sleep, school projects, and laundry. I am up late trying to finish the laundry.
I know I should be in bed, but today was not very productive at home, and I need to get another load through the dryer.
We spent most of our day getting rained upon. It was the opening day for Flag Football and as has been the story with every lacrosse game from our summer, it rained again! It really seems like it rains every time the boys have a sporting event. Actually this summer, it has rained almost every day. I suppose it is better than being in a drought.
Today was a new event for our family, Flag Football. My 2 oldest both played baseball a few summers ago, my oldest played a total of 5 seasons. Then he moved on to instructional lacrosse and this fall we are giving flag football a try. My poor hubby was stuck answering all of my football questions, and I know between the rain and my curiosity it was a little too much. Add to the picture, 3 boys soaking wet and bored out of their minds waiting for the rain to stop.
Sticking with my theme of trying new things, it was time for Sean to join a team and try something new. He was excited until it was time to meet new people. He suddenly got stage fright and wanted us on the field with him. We tried to encourage and help, but he was just adamant about not touching the ball today. Go figure, that kid loves playing ball and has always wanted every ball he encounters! But for being 4 and this being his first organized sport, I think he did great. We will keep going and cheering him on regardless of how involved he decides to be.
The Rookies doing their running warm -ups. 
Big brother did great, even though it was his first time ever playing. I loved hearing the coach call out his name and say,"W ow that was just awesome!" He struggles in school but really shines on the field. I am hoping his perseverance on the field will help him keep trying in school. I am always ready with sports metaphors to help him practice his reading and school lessons. 
In hot pursuit of his teammate's belt during their practice of sharks and minnows. 
As for my middle son, he told me today he has retired from sports at the mere ago of 6. It requires too much running. Ah, retired? Well, I don't worry about him because while his brothers practiced he scooted around the park, made a new friend, and ran around after whichever brother wasn't playing on the field. As much as I would love to watch him play, I appreciate his desire to do other things. like hunt for reptiles and hike in the woods. When he is ready, we will be on the sidelines cheering him on.
A lesson I learned from my kids is they are their own entities and they will emerge when they are ready. In the meantime, I will be ready with my applause, my support, and hugs encouraging them to try new things and discover what they love.I am thankful to be able to offer them the opportunities to try new things and the chance to be there with them. 

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