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Who are you?

I am excited about linking up with Blog Hoppin's Teacher Week Link party.
Monday's topic is Let's Talk about Me!  10 Fun things about me!

1. I am a Southern transplant. I grew up on Long Island in New York and moved to Georgia to attend Emory University and never went back to New York. I love many things about NY, but NY is ridiculously expensive so I decided to become a part of Georgia's humongous suburban population.
2. I love where we live, but miss being close to the water. Being landlocked stinks. We visit the beach as much as possible and love the weeks we get to spend in Hilton Head with my husband's parents at their timeshare.
3. I have 3 sons, ages 8, 6, and 4 (as of Friday!). They are busy boys and keep me going all the time. They are also so sweet and love their Momma! Growing up in NY I never thought my kids would call me Momma, but they do. Y'all is not a part of our vocabulary, I must draw the line somewhere. I think they picked the word "Momma" up from their friends at school. They are precious, and I love them, so no correction needed.

My 2 oldest go to the school where I teach. I once thought that would be a wonderful situation, but trying to keep 2 busy brothers quiet at the end of a school day while I try to work is not an easy task! I do love the chance to see them throughout the day/year and there are many things I would miss out on if they went to school that serves our neighborhood.
My boys have taught me so much, most importantly these 3 lessons: 1. You are never totally prepared and just when you think you are, brace yourself! 2. Your children really do listen, although they might not admit it. Want proof? Listen in when they are talking with their friends. So be careful what you say, they will repeat things you never knew they heard you say! 3. The love you receive makes up for the loss of sleep, changes to your body, and the daily stress!
4. I loved school as a kid, so you would think I always wanted to be a teacher. Nope, avoided it like the plague. Even after I took a college course in education and had an amazing experience, I still walked in another direction. I wanted to be a counselor, so I earned a Masters in Social Work, but quickly learned how much I hated social work, so I went back to school to become a teacher. So I got a later start in education but am so glad I eventually made my way back to the classroom. I am in my 11th year, 10th year in my current school district.
My elementary school, wonderful memories! 
Now for some randomness...
5. My husband, Glenn, and I were "set up" by mutual friends. The first time we met he said he was too nervous to  talk to me so he left the party without saying goodbye to anyone. I was oblivious that the party hosts were trying to set us up!  They  knew we would be perfect for each other so they decided to give it another try a few months later. We hit it off instantly and quickly learned our lives, although somewhat different, had many similarities.

Both of us are from divorced families, his mom remarried mine did not. But neither one of us have anything to do with our biological fathers, actually I should say they have nothing to do with us. We have both come to terms with it and realize we were better off in many ways. I think we work harder on our relationship because of our childhoods. This year we celebrated our 12th anniversary.
6. I come from a HUGE family. My mom is 1 of 14. All but 2 of her siblings married and had children, so I have a million cousins. Ha ha, not really a million but I have a lot! I love my cousins a ton and there are a few that I think of like my sisters. I don't live close to any of them but we keep in touch through Facebook, email, and phone calls.
7. I type too quickly; you will find lots of comma errors on my blog. It bugs me when I catch them after publishing. I should slow down, but between work and my kids, well you get the point, so please forgive my haste!
8. I once auditioned for Teen Jeopardy. I did not do well on the quiz, but I had so much fun with my mom in Boston touring the city, it was well worth it. I absolutely love that show. I do not watch it every night like I did as a kid, but when it is on I shout out the answers, if I know them!
9. I love pinterest. I mean, who doesn't it? Well Pinterest is the reason I got a sewing machine for Valentine's Day last year. My hubby always teased me about not having hobbies, so I decided to get one and sewing was it. So with my love of Pinterest I learned how to sew by reading blogs, finding on-line tutorials and just trying it out. I love to sew dresses for my friends' daughters. Last year I sold a few dresses to some friends, paid for all the fabric I was using last year. I don't get to do as much sewing as I want but love the fact I sewed the curtains I have in my classroom. And most of all, that I did them myself! I am less of a pattern person, which is why the skirt I was supposed to sew for myself is still in a stack. One day I will finish it.
Here are some of my projects...


10. I have epilepsy and am super excited to say that I have been seizure free for 9 years! Woot Woot! I am lucky my meds work and at some point I will try to go off the meds, but will hold off because you cannot drive for 6 months when you make medicine changes like that. When I was first diagnosed in my 20's hubby and I carpooled everywhere. He drove me around for 3 years. When we said our vows, in sickness and in health, I knew he meant it because he was with me through all the diagnoses and initial medicine trials. If you can stick with someone through that then you really are in it for the long-haul.

Well, that gives you a glimpse in to me. Hope you had a fabulous Monday and enjoyed the read!

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  1. I didn't realize our husbands have the same name. :)

    How wonderful to be seizure free for 9 years! That is fantastic!

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