Sunday, August 4, 2013

Monthly Goals: Back to School

There are lots of perks of being a teacher. One of which is that every year we get to start fresh, it is almost like having 2 New Year's Days. After all each year we set new goals (goals) so we can improve our lives. So this morning I am embracing my New Year resolutions by joining up with I {Heart} Recess's linky party.
I {Heart} Recess

Here are my goals for 2013-2014
Personal: I admit it, my boys can get me going. I am not proud to say my voice gets loud and I sometimes storm off mad that they don't listen. It can get pretty hectic. This has been an ongoing goal and probably will always be one. I have to keep trying, never give up, because I know they hear me and will model what I do. They are kids, they are learning, and they are boys with  lots of energy who don't always want to wait/think before acting/or use nice words and not hands when it comes to solving problems with their brothers. With my patience we can tackle it and grow together.
Organization: My home and classroom are full of children and children's things. The less clutter, the more purposeful each item is, the better off everyone is. So I will continue to give things away in an effort to make my home and classroom more efficient.
Planning: I want to get my plans and all related items taken care of in advance. It is easy to get behind and then feel overwhelmed.
Professional: As the new grade chair I want to make sure I get everyone involved. I don't want to their boss, I am their advocate.
Students: I want my students {and sons} to want to read. I need to be that reading role model and show them that reading is fun not just something you do at school. I want them to love writing also, or at least not find it the worst thing in the world. I am lucky enough to get to pilot Write to Learn and hope the kids love the time in the lab as much as I am excited about the opportunity I have been granted.
Motto: Yep, it is a cliché now because of the popularity of The Lorax, but this quote just says it all. How can you inspire your students if you don't care a lot?  


  1. I always like a Dr. Suess quote. Great goals and I wish the best for you. Sign up for Riv's monthly newsletter for help with decluttering.

    Keep it up and I'll keep up with you!


    1. Thanks a ton for your support! I am off to check out Riv's newsletter. Perhaps I will link her to my site ;-)


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