Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Teacher Week: Classroom Digs

Happy Tuesday!
The awesome rainbow I saw on the way to my 4 year old's pediatrician....
(Saw another on the way to the pharmacy to pick up his asthma meds after school, twice in 1 day? Never had that before!)

I survived a 4 year old check up today, along with 3 shots. He was not a happy camper and let me know that it was not what he signed up for. A few of the things you could hear shouted from the examination room in between the screeching screams.
"What her doin to me?"
"I did not want that." 
"Why her stick me with a needle?" 
"OWWWWEEEEEE! That hurts. I cannot walk!"
I felt so bad for him, but in all his screams, he made me laugh. Especially since he politely told the nurse who administered the shots , "Thank you," as she left me alone to calm him down.
He did get to go home to recuperate on the couch while I returned to school to finish out the day. I am beat, and really is it only Tuesday?

I am joining Blog Hoppin's Teacher Week Link up again tonight.
So today's link up, is a tour of the classroom. Some of this I already posted but I am going to show a couple of more shots from today.

My best-selling TPT product, my get to know you banner. It is only $1 and looks so cute. The kids drew in pictures and wrote in some of their goals for the year. Great 1st day activity (and rainy day during recess), and neat display in time for open house with parents (we have a curriculum night next week for parents to hear more about how I run my classroom.) I posted this on the wall in the hall outside my room. 
Below it is the Venn Diagrams the kids created using the buttons packet I put together the other day. They had fun with it and it is neat to see the differences. 
Sadly, I have not taken any more pictures of my room since we started back, despite adding more decor. Here are some shots from around the room.
 Reading Goals chart on the back of my storage cabinet. I have 1 student who is close to getting to put his name on the chart.
Science and Social Studies Vocabulary 

 Homework/Important Notes Board. I post vocabulary 4 squares next to this each morning. They start them for morning work and we review them at the beginning of language arts. When we run Daily 5 (after all the crazy BOY assessments) we post the rotation of our groups. The chart paper on the bulletin board is where I post my anchor charts. I use binder clips to hold them so I can add new ones and the kids can flip through to review them. Worked so well last year that several of my teammates adding this feature to their room.
 The curtains I sewed myself, I love them! 

We have not started to language arts centers yet, but loved overhearing some of my kids telling each other some of the words they spotted on the Boggle board. 

Hope you enjoyed the tour! See you tomorrow...

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