Monday, June 2, 2014

Two For Tuesday! 6/3/2014

As promised, this summer, I plan to celebrate being on Teachers Pay Teachers for 1 year with some sales and specials. So each Tuesday, look for my post so you can snag 2 of my products for the price of one! Don't forget to check the other Summer Bloggin' posts so you can grab their resources at 50% off too!
The first item that I am offering at 50% is my best selling item. It is my Plant Classification packet. 

It is aligned with the 5th grade curriculum in Georgia, as well as National Science Standards. 
I designed the pages to be added to interactive science notebooks. There are pages to take notes, diagrams, charts, and graphic organizers. There is also a link for an activity on non-vascular plants. To make the packet complete there is a quiz to close out the unit. 
I used this with my 5th graders and they really retained a lot of the information from our unit. 
As for feedback, many buyers replied saying that it was a great supplement for their unit and exactly what they needed for their class. One buyer reported that it was perfect for her special education students. Since I work with an inclusion class, I designed it with IEPs in mind, students can be presented with complete notes, or they can fill it in as you work through your lessons or science text. 

The second item that I am offering at 50% off is my best selling math item, Order of Operations Puzzle Matching Activities and Response Sheets.  
This was one of the earliest items I added to my store. I am very proud of this unit and used it with my math class. The teachers on my grade level also used it with their classes. Students loved the puzzle matching activities. This past year I used it while teaching order of operations and again at the end of the year during our review. 
I am a big advocate of students thinking about error analysis thus included pages in which students have to find the error, then show how to correctly solve the problem. 
Common Core requires students to use vocabulary when explaining their mathematical thinking and there are opportunities for students to do exactly that. Students developed great problem solving skills and were able to accurately use the vocabulary. 
Buyer feedback has also been  positive, a lot of teachers commented that their students thought it was fun and was a great review for 6th graders. 
The 50% sale will run from Tuesday 6/3/14 through Wednesday 6/4/14 9PM EST. 

Another one of my goals is to try to make it in to the Sunday TPT newsletter. I have submitted before but my free products do not have a lot of feedback, so I wonder if that is holding me back. Perhaps you could help me out by downloading a freebie and leaving me some feedback. Here are some of the items I have listed as freebies. 
Informational Text Analysis Practice Sheet is one of my favorites, I use it a lot with my weekly fluency assignments. 
Or how about a sheet for back to school Going Home Organizer
Whether you choose to buy a product or download a freebie, thanks for taking time to read my blog. I will participate in this party weekly, so come on back next Tuesday! 
Tomorrow I plan to link up for Worksheet Wednesday and introduce you to a new freebie. 
Hop on over to the other blogs to see what other deals are available! 

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