Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Worksheet Wednesday & Wordless Wednesday

I am really excited about today's freebie. In fact, my excitement inspired me to create a whole packet instead of just 1 worksheet! Click here for the whole packet. Please be kind and leave some feedback, pin it, and refer your friends. (Super huge hug & thanks!)
I am trying out Google Docs today, if you want just 1 of the pages or to preview a page, click here. (This is my first time sharing with Google Docs, if you have trouble, please let me know.)
Note: The page has a white, background, I added color on this picture, just for display purposes. Can you tell that I am having fun playing?
Here is the description page from Cha-Ching Words with a brief description explaining how you can use this in your classroom.  
Graphics credits:
                                          Graphics from the Pond   &     Krista Wallden
Don't forget to hop over to The Teaching Tribune to see all the other links for free worksheets. Thanks to The Teaching Tribune for hosting the fun blog party! 
If you are looking for more math freebies to use with your class(es) next year, check out these items:
Exemplar Template to use when working on exemplars or other word problems. 
Pirate Decimal Game

Mixed Review Math Task Cards - great for use around Valentine's Day

Hope you were able to find something that is useful to you! 

Here is a picture for the Wordless Wednesday party hosted by Christina at Sugar and Spice
What fun (or crazy) things have you been up to?
Thanks for stopping by! Happy Summer Bloggin' to you! 


  1. Nothing crazy here. It's been two days off full of naps and TV :) Looks like your kids are having fun though!

    Literacy Spark

    1. If I did not have 3 boys to entertain, then I would be napping too! Besides, you need to rest, I know from what I read on your blog that you have an incredibly busy summer and fall ahead! Enjoy all of the moments of this summer!

  2. The only crazy thing I've been up to is not packing my suitcase yet and leaving in 6 hours. I'm living on the edge! Lol! I like the mud means the boys are having F-U-N!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  3. That looks like a TON of fun! I loved playing in the mud as a kid. I have not done anything crazy. Just a ton of catch up.
    Teaching Ever After

    1. Since the rest of the year is full of craziness as a teacher, simple, quiet things are exactly what a teacher needs! Dirt + My boys = Smiles for them!

  4. Besides hanging out at the pool, nothing too crazy so far! We are traveling a bit this summer, so that will be fun. I love the money freebie! Last year I had my kiddos figure out how much their name was worth using something similar, so cool!

    Second Grade Stampede

    1. I hope that you really enjoy your summer trips, they are exactly what every teacher needs to rejuvenate! Thanks for the positive feedback on the money activity!

  5. OH FUN!!!! We used to make slip & slides with a tarp & hose! Wendy 1stgradefireworks


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