Sunday, June 1, 2014

June Currently

It is time for linking up with Oh' Boy 4th Grade with Farley for this month's edition of Currently. I have missed the last few months, but with it being summer, there is no excuse to miss this month's party!

My list is self-explanatory, but who am I to be short-winded? No, seriously, my teachers used to beg me to say less when I write, and old habits are hard to break!
The boys are occupied, the computer was free, so I seized the moment to post. Sticking to my plan to keep up with the blog this summer. 
Another habit I have is sleeping a lot, but lately it seems that I am sleeping a lot. I have felt run down and am thankful not to be writing lesson plans. How do I keep up with everything during the school year? My body must really be making up for all of the lat nights and early hours now. Unfortunately it hasn't been great sleep, having lots of weird dreams and some are even school related. Obviously, I need to "Let it Go" and RELAX! 
I have tons of doctors appointments to squeeze in over the summer for the kids, we had 1 check up last week, and a few more scheduled in June. I really need to call the dentist for the kids and myself, not my favorite activity. Also need to get in to some other less loved appointments, being a women, dare I say aging?, is tough! No point in putting it off any longer, I will call tomorrow! 
I think I need to change things up, and painting is a great way to spice the house up. Now the tough part, choosing the palette. 
With a family of 5 there is lots of clutter. I feel like I am always getting rid of things, yet there is always more in the way. 
My bucket list is really simple, friends, taking care of myself, and getting away before it is time to head back. Summer time really flies. 
Thanks for swinging by today! 


  1. Thanks for reminding me about needing to schedule appts…for myself! I am always so good about taking care of my two boys, but rarely myself. I also hear you loud and clear on the de-cluttering situation. I always leave that for summer:) Enjoy your carefree days…and be sure to save a few for sleeping:) It's well-deserved and not at all a waste of your time!

  2. Love your bucket list. I agree!

  3. Why is it that teachers always wait til the summer to make doctor's appointments? I need to go to the doctor and the dentist...and it's just not really how I want to spend my summer. :-/
    Hope you have a great one!


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