Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Worksheet Wednesday

Wonderful Wednesday, time to score and share some worksheets with The Teaching Tribune!
This week, the theme is ELA worksheets. After all, who can have too many of those? 
Today's freebie (click here) is all about comparing and contrasting sentence fragments and run-on sentences. 
No matter how many times they have learned about sentences, students still struggle with identifying run-ons and fragments. This sheet provides another way for students to look at sentences. 
This worksheet can be used with samples of errors that a teacher picks out, or use it to analyze a writing sample of their own. In addition, they can find the parts missing from both and draw a conclusion of what the key components are of a complete sentence. 
Typically students use Venn diagrams to compare/contrast, this chart encourages them to look at attributes of each separately, then make the comparisons.  
This format gives them more room to write on each topic, and a separate space to make notes of similarities and differences. 
This sheet can be added to their grammar and/or writing notebook as a reference tool when they are editing writing samples.
I hope that you can find a way to use this in your classroom. Don't forget to check out the other excellent worksheets available on The Teaching Tribune
Have a wonderful Wednesday!  

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